Modern House Addition
SF Elm House Renovation
Old Oaks Attic Conversion
Modern House Addition

We help ambitious homeowners create simple, modern, affordable homes.

Welcome to YR Architecture + Design. We’re on a mission to make good design accessible and affordable. We provide a variety of architectural design services to suit your needs and your budget.  By creating more opportunities to reach people with good design, we’re increasing our social impact – helping more people live happier, healthier lives.

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Full architectural services with an emphasis on simple modern residential projects. (Hands-on services from start to finish.)

Individual design services to get you unstuck and keep you moving forward. (Just what you need, when you need it.)

Need advice or guidance on your residential project? You might benefit from a personalized consultation or strategy session.

Design resources with actionable tips and tools to take your idea to the next level on your own with confidence.